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UPDATE – DEC 19th 2018

Our handcrafted turn based puzzle game Acorn Tilewalker is available now!
Find it here on Google Play and the AppStore.

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acorn tilewalker screenshot 1

acorn tilewalker screenshot 2

acorn tilewalker screenshot 3


Acorn Tilewalker and some more NPCs of the game.

acorn tilewalker hero turnaround

acorn tilewalker slime npc turnaround

acorn tilewalker spider npc turnaround


Decorative elements. I like to keep them simple and in a kind of low poly style.

acorn tilewalker object compilation

Acorn Tilewalker trunk

Acorn Tilewalker boulders

Acorn Tilewalker rock

Acorn Tilewalker boulders evil


World, the time has come to push some buttons!

Acorn Tilewalker buttons toggle


Character dev for slimey.

Acorn Tilewalker Slimy Slime 1

Acorn Tilewalker Slimy Slime 1


First sketches for some characters, destined to populate the world of Acorn Tilewalker.

Acorn Tilewalker character sketches

Looking for new shapes for some decorational elements.

Acorn Tilewalker sketches rocks

Acorn Tilewalker sketch mushroom