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This is my animated sequence for the collaborative animation project by Daniel Bahr in 2017.
It’s about the lethal effects of “Feinstaub“ (particulate matter).

14 animators were tapped to participate in this project, each one producing a segment of 10 seconds,
according to their assigned section of the voice-over text.

The video above is the final result. Subtitles available in English and German (CC).

We just learned that it’s part of the “Best of ITFS-Tour 2018”, being screened all over the world.
More loops and tortured organs over at my IG Feed.

animation, 2017

2:59 min
Daniel Bahr
Michael Schranner
AHA Film!
See full credits here.

Character design
atemlos character design lung

atemlos character design particular matter

atemlos character design