A little rabbit with a special fondness for carrot tips finds the biggest carrot in the world. But that huge thing sticks rock-solid in the ground! His energetic attempts to get closer to his lunch have some grave consequences…
(I cut about 30 seconds for this version to get a better flow.)

Direction, Script, Animation, Music, Voices: Christian Effenberger
Sound: Andreas Köbner
Foley Artist: Mel Kutbay
Production: Christian Effenberger
School: University of Applied Sciences Mainz, Prof. Sylvie Pagé
funded by: Nachwuchsmedienförderung des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz

Cinecure animated short Film Festival, Puy-en-Velay/France 2009 – 1st int’l Prize
Int’l Short Film & Video Festival, Naoussa/Greece 2008 – People’s Choice Award
Brazilian Student Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil 2008 – Audience Award
Contravision Filmfestival, Berlin/Germany 2008 – Winner of the Day
And of course: Kieler Kneipen Kurzfilmfestival, Kiel/Germany 2008 – 1st Prize

Athens Int‘l Film Festival, Ohio/USA
Atlanta Film Festival, Georgia/USA
OpenEyes Kurzfi lmfest, Marburg/Germany
VIS Vienna Independent Shorts, Vienna/Austria
Int‘l Odense Film Festival, Odense/Denmark
Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
Monstra Animation Festival 2009, Lisbon/Portugal
Anima Mundi Festival, Rio de Janeiro + São Paolo/Brazil
Final Cut, Brighton/Great Britain

animation short, 2008
(director’s cut, 2015)
final year project
distribution and sales


bad habit little rabbit still 01

bad habit little rabbit still 02

bad habit little rabbit still 03

bad habit little rabbit still 04



bad habit little rabbit clay model rotate

bad habit little rabbit clay model

Preproduction clay model

bad habit little rabbit paper tower

A lot of trees were harmed during the production of this movie.

bad habit little rabbit storyboard

Storyboarding was hard work back then.

bad habit little rabbit light table

This was the last animation I did with pencil and paper on a light table. Sigh.