Heinzi’s Beer Blog



2-page story about Heinzi and his recipe for his special drink “Heinzi Royale”.
My contribution to the comic anthology “Bier – Alles über den Durst” by Volk Verlag.
I posted a picture of the book on my blog a few weeks ago.

Volk Verlag, 2016


Timmy Termite

timmy termite page 01

timmy termite page 02

2-page story about a lucky termite called Timmy.

Comicaze Fanzine, 2013


Tribute to Robert Crumb

robert crumb tribute

1-pager for the comic anthology “A Tribute To Robert Crumb”.

Edition 52, 2013


Tribute to Karl May and Helmut Nickel

karl may + helmut nickel tribute

Edition 52, 2011


wear a bow tie

wear a bow tie page 1


wear a bow tie page 2

Do you know about the dangers wearing a neck tie leading to sudden death?
2 page story for comicaze #25, themed »Advertising«.

Comicaze Fanzine, 2009


tough duel

tough duel comic strip

Comic strip about a tough duel at the Oktoberfest. Unfortunately the peaceful ending doesn’t match today’s observations.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2008

El Torero

el torero doublespread

el torero detail bull


Nighty, night little bull … 2 page story about a scary bedtime story.
Bull fighting sucks.

shake your tree #3, 2006